tnMail is an email alert application for Windows, working either as a gadget attached to the system sidebar or as a system tray program attached to the notification area on the taskbar. tnMail checks your Yahoo mail box frequently and keeps you update with your messages. Using tnMail, you will be informed instantly each time a new message coming into your mail box, and you can take a look at the message on the fly.
Tiny Yahoo Mail Gadget
Just click on the connect button, once having tnMail installed, to log into your mail account using Yahoo website, and to arrange for tnMail to access your mail box. tnMail will then display the mail information shortly. tnMail is free of use, no registration required.
If your Windows system does support gadget sidebar, you may alternatively use tnMail gadget version, downloadable by clicking here.
Tiny Yahoo Mail Gadget
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