Effective: October 6, 2021
Use of requested permissions
tnAuth requires the permissions: "public profile", "user email" to access user's public profile and email address for authentication procedures.
Privacy Policy
tnAuth respects your right to privacy protection while using this web site. A checksum value of your email address will be generated and stored in tnAuth's secure database, helping the system recognize you whenever you are with us. tnAuth does not save any else information about you or your friends in any form. In addition to the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, required for anyone who uses Facebook, applications and developers are bound by the Facebook Developer Principles & Policies.
Data Deletion Policy
The checksum value of your email address in tnAuth database can be deleted at any time of your wish, and cannot be recovered thereafter. Please visit your Facebook account Settings Dashboard, then select remove tnAuth app under "Apps and Websites". tnAuth will immediately delete your data upon receiving notification from Facebook. Alternatively, you can just visit this link then the system will help you out.
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