Presentation App for Smartphone
tiShow app allows PowerPoint slide presentation using smartphone. Its features include presentation highlighter, presentation pointer, internal storage usage, and presentation shown only external display. In addition, it employs built-in and external audio input and output devices to turn presenter’s smartphone into a presentation microphone.
How to do presentation with tiShow
All you need, in addition to your smartphone, is a projector in the conference or class room. Connect your smartphone to the projector, install tiShow if not already installed, then run the app. Wired and wireless are the two modes to connect your smartphone to projector.
Wired Mode
It requires nothing but a cable with either lightning or micro-USB on phone end, and HDMI, VGA or USB on projector end. However, you are unable walking your phone around the room while doing your presentation with this mode.
Wireless Mode
It requires a media casting device supporting either HDMI or VGA connectivity and multiple wireless protocols, including DLNA/Miracast (Android, Windows, Linux) and Airplay (Mac, iOS). We recommend SSP-Z300 by SSK, an affordable but yet fashionable casting device.
  • Connect Z300 to projector using HDMI or VGA with Audio cable, check projector screen for information.
  • Press 'switch button' for Miracast mode (Android phone, Windows), or Airplay mode (iPhone, Mac).
  • On Android phone, select "Cast" from Settings to connect to Z300, then get ready.
  • On iPhone, connect to Z300 wifi network, then select Screen Mirroring to get ready.
  • Run TiShow when ready, and do your presentation.
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