Usage Terms and Privacy Policy
TiShow does not collect or transfer any data to us or to any third party apart from the circumstances explained below.
Audio Recording
TiShow uses your smartphone’s microphone to record audio. It does not transfer any audio to us or to any third party. It just makes the microphone to send your voice to an amplifier or external speaker, such as a Bluetooth speaker.
Phone storage access
TiShow uses access to the smartphone storage to load PowerPoint files. It does not transfer any document to us or to any third party.
Limited Liability
You accept that we (TINYRAY including developer(s), owner(s), contractor(s), director(s), providers and apps) do not have any sort of liability what so ever for anything that may arise from the use of our properties including our apps.
We may from time to time change this Usage Terms and Privacy Policy, and update to our web site at www.tinyray.com. We recommend you to revisit our website from time to time to update with the newest version.
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