This is a LAN-based game software that allows you to enjoy TIENLEN, a popular Vietnamese poker game, over Local Area Network with your family members using your home network, or even with your colleagues during break time using your company network. Players can stay in their own room or at their working table. The software will connect the players and set up the game.


Legal Tienlen Card Sets and Values
A tienlen card set can be either of the following. Some card sets are considered special.

  1. Single: one card

  2. Pair: 2 cards of the same rank

  3. Triple: 3 cards of the same rank

  4. Quadruple: 4 cards of the same rank. Quadruple is a special card set.

  5. Series: 3 or more cards forming a consecutive sequence

  6. Double Series: 6 or more cards forming a consecutive sequence of pairs. Double Series is a special card set.

The ranks of the cards in increasing value are 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K A 2. A card of higher rank is better than a card of lower rank. Among cards of the same rank, a card of higher suit is better. The suits of the cards in increasing value are Heart, Diamond, Club, Spade. Deuce (2) is not allowed in any series. Card sets of the same type are compared using the highest cards in the sets. Only sets of the same type can be used to cut each others, with exception for special card sets.
Special Cutting Rules for Special Card Sets
The deuce (also called Pig) is a highest ranking card in the game. When playing single or double, certain special card sets can be used to beat the deuce set. Here are the list of all special cutting rules:

  1. Double series of 6 cards (3 consecutive pairs) can cut a single deuce.

  2. Quadruple can cut double series of 6 cards or single deuce.

  3. Double series of 8 cards can cut quadruple, double series of 6 cards, single deuce, or pair of deuces.

A further exception is that, a player who has already passed in a round can still uses double series of 8 to cut a pair of deuces. This is the only time when the passing rule is ignored.
Before the cards are dealt, the player in sit #1 can change the betting per card by selecting a new betting from the box at the bottom left corner. There is a limit on how much you can bet. This limit depends on the amount of money you have. When the game start, each player contributes the betting amount for the current game prize. When the game ends, the winner of the game takes all the money.

This software is released for free in a hope to make you more happy in your every day life.

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