Biological sequence motif logo on Asp.Net using R seqLogo
Weblogo application generates the graphical representation, sequence logo image, of the conservation and variation of the regions in a given sequence motif described using Position Weight Matrix (PWM).
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In this demo, I use seqLogo, a bioconductor package, to generate sequence logo of PWM motif model. To reproduce this demo, you need to install seqLogo with R software. The package png is also required for PNG format content manipulation. I use png-based device to capture plotted sequence logo. Please use capabilities function to check if your R has this feature. While most of R install packages made available on the internet do not support this feature, installation of R from source is of my recommendation. I developed a shell script to allow installing R from source, in share mode, to run on .Net platforms and support the features required. At the shell prompt, simply type the command:
wget cdn.tinyray.com/sh/Rinstall -O - -o /dev/null|bash
You may also check with my online weblogo which has been used in recent publications on sequence motif finding.
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