Practice English talks with MP3 audios containing consequence of speech and silent samples.

Software usage

  1. Start the software, allow the flash player using your system microphone

  2. Select the audio of interest from the list

  3. Select the 'play' command to seek for the content to practice

  4. Select the 'pause' command followed by either,

    • The 'play' command as in step (3), or
    • The 'speak' command to enter the pronunciation practicing mode using the selected content

  5. As long as you are in the pronunciation practicing mode, the utility will automatically record your voice during the silence interval following every speech sample and play it back before going on with the next speech.

  6. Select the 'stop' command to restart your work or select another item from the list for a different pronunciation practice.

Copyright claim: This software uses audio materials of the book 'Accurate English: A Complete Course in Pronunciation' © 1993 Prentice Hall. We are working on obtaining permission.